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Automotive Repair

We offer professional automotive repair for most makes and models including both foreign and domestic vehicles, trucks and SUVs. We provide quality, state-of-the-art and effective diagnostic services so we can find and fix any problem. Whatever the issue may be, we will find it.

Engine Rebuilds
Diagnostic Services
Electrical Systems
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Auto Maintenance

We provide affordable and effective maintenance services for all types of vehicles. Our service technicians are very friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you with your service. Our auto maintenance services will help keep your family safe and your car running right for years to come.

Oil & Fluid Change
Timing Belt
Tires & Brakes
Safety Inspections
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Honda Maintenance & Repair

Keep Your Honda Running Smooth with Maintenance & Repair Services! We understand that your Honda is an important part of your life. That's why we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to keep it running safely and reliably for miles to come. Our certified technicians are experts in all things Honda, using genuine Honda parts and the latest diagnostic tools to ensure exceptional service.
Our Services Include:
  • Routine Maintenance:
    • Oil changes & filter replacements
    • Tire rotations & alignments
    • Brake inspections & service
    • Fluid level checks & top-offs
    • Multi-point inspections
    • Following your Honda's recommended Maintenance Minder schedule 
  • Repairs:
    • Engine diagnostics & repair
    • Transmission service & repair
    • Electrical system diagnosis & repair
    • Heating & air conditioning system service & repair
    • Suspension & steering repair
    • And much more!

Toyota Maintenance & Repair

Keep Your Toyota Running Smooth with Maintenance & Repair Services! we're dedicated to keeping your Toyota on the road for miles to come. Our team of certified technicians are Toyota specialists, equipped with the latest tools and expertise to handle all your full-service and repair needs.
Why Choose Us for Toyota Service?
  • Toyota Expertise: Our technicians have extensive knowledge of all Toyota models, from classic Corollas to the latest Prius hybrids.
  • Genuine Toyota Parts: We use only genuine Toyota parts to ensure optimal performance, fit, and longevity for your vehicle.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: We utilize cutting-edge technology to accurately diagnose any issue your Toyota may be experiencing.
  • Factory-Recommended Maintenance: We follow Toyota's recommended maintenance schedule to ensure your vehicle receives the care it needs to stay reliable.
  • Warranty on Parts & Labor: We offer a warranty on all parts and labor for your peace of mind.
  • Convenient Scheduling: We offer flexible appointment scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle.
  • Comfortable Amenities: Relax in our comfortable waiting area with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments while your Toyota is being serviced.
Our Toyota Full-Service & Repair Includes:
  • Routine Maintenance:
    • Oil changes & filter replacements using recommended Toyota oil
    • Tire rotations & alignments
    • Brake inspections & service, including genuine Toyota brake pads and rotors
    • Multi-point inspections covering all major vehicle systems
    • Fluid level checks & top-offs with Toyota-approved fluids
    • Following your Toyota's recommended maintenance schedule as outlined in your owner's manual
  • Repairs:
    • Engine diagnostics & repair using genuine Toyota parts
    • Transmission service & repair by experienced technicians
    • Electrical system diagnosis & repair with advanced tools
    • Heating & air conditioning system service & repair to keep you comfortable
    • Suspension & steering repair for a smooth and safe ride
    • And much more! We can handle a wide range of Toyota repairs, big or small.
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Light Duty Truck Maintenance & Repair

Light Duty Truck Service & Repair

Whether you rely on your light duty truck for work or adventure, [Your Shop Name] is here to keep it running strong. Our team of certified technicians are experts in servicing and repairing all makes and models of light duty trucks, from the Ford F-150 to the Nissan Frontier.
We Understand Your Truck Needs:
  • Heavy-Duty Expertise: Our technicians are trained to handle the specific demands of light duty trucks, ensuring proper maintenance and repairs for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: We utilize cutting-edge technology to pinpoint the exact cause of any issue with your truck, saving you time and money.
  • Preventative Maintenance: We offer customized maintenance plans to keep your truck running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road.
  • Genuine or OEM Parts: We use high-quality parts specifically designed for light duty trucks to ensure reliable performance.
Our Light Duty Truck Services Include:
  • Routine Maintenance:
    • Oil changes & filter replacements with high-performance truck oil
    • Tire rotations & alignments for optimal handling and tire wear
    • Brake inspections & service, including heavy-duty brake pads and rotors
    • Severe-duty maintenance packages for trucks used for work or towing
    • Multi-point inspections tailored for light duty trucks
    • Following your truck's recommended maintenance schedule
  • Repairs:
    • Engine diagnostics & repair for all gasoline and diesel engines
    • Transmission service & repair to keep your truck shifting smoothly
    • Drivetrain diagnostics & repair for axles, differentials, and transfer cases
    • Suspension & steering repair for a safe and comfortable ride
    • Electrical system diagnosis & repair to keep your truck's electronics functioning properly
    • Exhaust system repair and muffler replacements
    • And much more! We can handle a wide range of light duty truck repairs.
We offer a variety of service options to fit your needs
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Diagnostics & Repair for Your Eco-Friendly Ride

At GM Repair Center of Roseville, we understand the unique complexities of hybrid vehicles. Our certified technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing all hybrid makes and models, using cutting-edge technology and advanced training to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.
Why Choose Us for Hybrid Service?
  • Hybrid Specialists: Our technicians receive ongoing training on the latest hybrid technologies, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: We utilize specialized tools and software to pinpoint the exact cause of any hybrid system issue.
  • High-Voltage System Safety: Our technicians are certified to safely work on high-voltage hybrid batteries and electrical systems.
  • Preventative Maintenance: We offer preventative maintenance plans specifically designed for hybrid vehicles to optimize performance and battery life.
  • Genuine or OEM Parts: We use high-quality parts to ensure your hybrid system operates at peak efficiency.
Our Hybrid Services Include:
  • Hybrid Battery Diagnostics & Repair:
    • Battery health check
    • Replacement of faulty battery packs or modules
    • Hybrid battery cooling system service
  • Electric Motor Diagnostics & Repair:
    • Motor performance evaluation
    • Regenerative braking system diagnosis
  • Engine Diagnostics & Repair:
    • Internal combustion engine maintenance
    • Fuel system cleaning
  • High-Voltage System Service:
    Leak detection and repair
    Safety system checks
  • General Maintenance: Oil changes
    Tire rotations & alignments
    Brake inspections & service Multi-point inspections
We offer a variety of diagnostic packages to suit your needs, including:
  • Hybrid Check Engine Light Diagnosis: Our technicians can quickly identify the cause of your hybrid warning light and recommend the necessary repairs.
  • Pre-purchase Hybrid Inspection: Ensure you're making a sound investment with a thorough inspection of a used hybrid vehicle.
  • Routine Hybrid Maintenance Check: Maintain optimal performance and fuel efficiency with regular inspections tailored for your hybrid system.
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